An Introduction to Virtual Reality

4th March — Activity

Explore some virtual reality and plan your own experience in today's activity for Discover! Creative Careers Week.

Activity: An Introduction to Virtual Reality

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For this activity you’ll need a pair of headphones and no noise around you. It’s time to try something completely different...

But first of all, what is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality (VR) uses computer technology to create a simulated environment. Virtual Reality has the opportunity to place users inside an experience. As technology evolves so do the experiences offered by virtual reality. It is now possible to simulate multiple senses including vision, hearing, touch and even smell!

Still a little confused? Take a look at the video below to see how this man coped with his first experience of virtual reality...

Now you have seen what a Virtual Reality Experience is like, can you think of any new scenarios for a Virtual Reality experience? Perhaps you’re an animal on the prowl for food or in a high speed racing car with Lewis Hamilton by your side or even hosting your own TV show....

Here is your opportunity to create the draft for a brand new Virtual Reality experience. Try to be as inventive as possible, you are at complete freedom with the location setting, the character and the story (if there is a storyline!).

Use the table below to collect ideas for your own and original: Virtual Reality Experience.



Senses Used (What can we see/touch/hear, etc?)


Once you have an idea for your Virtual Reality Experience, why not check out what others came up with. Perhaps you can put your ideas together to create something collaboratively. You never know... you might have just come up with a revolutionary idea for a Virtual Reality Experience!

Now, its your chance to experience a Virtual Reality Experience. Grab a pair of headphones and move into a quiet room and experience a hair cut like you’re never quite had before...

Make sure you take time to reflect on and record the skills you've used and learnt in today's activity!