An Introduction to Foley Art!

2nd March — Activity

Explore Foley Art in today's activity for Discover! Creative Careers Week.

Activity: How to Become a Foley Artist!

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Have you ever wondered how filmmakers get such specific sounds for their films? When a film is made the microphones tend to just concentrate on the lines of dialogue delivered by the actors. This means they don’t pick up the other sounds, which would make the scenes seem unrealistic.

This is where a Foley Artist comes in....

Check out this short clip, from 0:00-3:30, to see a Foley Artist in action...

Examples of Foley Sound from everyday objects:

Now you can try being a Foley Artist yourself!

Take a look at this short cartoon of Bernard the Polar Bear and see what kind of sounds you can make to fit the action as the video plays. Remember to turn the sound off!

Take this opportunity to interact and test sounds with the different things surrounding you. Use the table below to put down your new discoveries. Don’t forget to be careful when handling potentially hazardous objects!

If you don't have the worksheet downloaded, write your sounds down in a table like the one below!

Object Used Sound Created
Example: Dropping coin in glass of water Example: Bernard jumps into the water

Once you have perfected your sounds, try watching the clip with the sound turned up. Were your sounds similar to those on the video? What do you think the Foley Artist on the video used to make the sounds?

Talk through your discoveries with friends and family and see what different objects you used and the sounds you created!

A Foley Artist is a very creative role which teaches you to be observant of everyday sounds and while also having fun! You have complete freedom of your imagination, as well as the opportunity to improve your observation and listening skills.

Make sure you take time to reflect on and record the skills you've used and learnt in today's activity!