Programming Your Own 3 Screen Cinema

2nd March — Workshop

Learn how to program a 3 screen cinema in today's workshop for Discover! Creative Careers Week.

Workshop: Programming Your Own 3 Screen Cinema!

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Remember when the cinema was a thing? The mega speakers, the sweet ’n’ salty popcorn and the opportunity to see a film on the big screen.

But, have you ever wondered what goes on inside a cinema aside from the snacks, films and pick n mix? Who makes the decision of what films make it onto the big screen for us to enjoy?

The answer is... A Film Programmer.

Film programmers have the job of picking the best films for the cinema. They have the responsibility to choose a mix of films that would be most appealing to their regular audience, as well as bringing in new customers. They also have to decide the best time to show the particular films and in the most suitable screen too.

A timetable outlining the different films to be shown at what time across three rows.

Here is an example of the programming schedule at the ‘Cambridge Arts Picturehouse’ Cinema, that was used in 2019.

The key roles to play as a Film programmer are to research, plan and successfully showcase a film in an exhibition setting, like a cinema or a film festival. Without them, there would be nobody to decide what was shown on the big screen.

Task: Programming Your Own Cinema Experience

You have been given control of a three screen cinema from 10am till 10pm.

You get to decide the following:

However, you must include at least a twenty minute gap between all screenings to allow your staff to clean up from a previous screen, as well as include a 20 minute section for adverts before the feature film begins.

There are three main steps to follow…

Download this activity's worksheet for a helpful spreadsheet to help you program your cinema experience.

Make sure you take time to reflect on and record the skills you've used and learnt in today's activity!