Teeny Tiny Film Reviews

3rd March — Activity

Become a film critic and write some Teeny Tiny Reviews in today's activity for Discover! Creative Careers Week.

Activity: Teeny Tiny Film Reviews

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We all have different opinions on different films. Maybe you love the Harry Potters but despise Lord of the Rings. Perhaps you’re happy to watch a rom-com every night of the week but could never sit through a horror film! But who can we trust to tell us what’s a great new film to watch? Well, most people look to film reviews which are written by a film critic.

A film critc… is responsible for viewing a film, taking notes while analysing the acting, plot, writing, directing, editing and cinematography of the films. They use their writing and analytical skills to craft a professional review which can help audiences determine whether or not they should view the film.

Mark Kermode sat behind a desk looking straight at the camera. A screen is to his right that reads 'The Film Review'.

Chief Film Reviewer for The Observer: Mark Kermode

A series of brief reviews of the film 'Soul'. Mostly favourable.

Here are a few examples of some short and snappy film reviews on the Disney classic: ‘Soul’. These reviews were taken from the popular film reviewing site ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ where anybody can review a film of their choice.

Now it's your chance to write a film review!

Have a think about what films you saw recently... whether you loved it or hated it now is your chance to share your thoughts and feelings!

Use the template and example below as a guide to create your very own ‘Teeny Tiny Film Review’.

Template for completing a Teeny Tiny review.
Review of the film 'Soul' by Abby Pollock

To get you going here are some film reviewing tips from the members of the Cambridge Film Festival’s Youth Lab of writers...

Check your facts are correct!
Highlight key themes!
Make sure to proof read!
Plan how you frame your criticism!
Make your point of view clear!
Just be honest! No opinion is wrong.

One thing we all have in common at 20Twenty Productions is our love of film. We were all inspired to have a go at film critiquing for the day.

Check out our examples below for some inspiration...

50 word review of 'Coach Carter' by Gordon Parsonage.
Short review of the film 'Coco' by Harrison Walker.

Once you have finished your Teeny Tiny Film Review why not have a go at drafting a review about a book, album or TV Show you liked?

Use the template above as a guide to creating an assortment of Teeny Tiny Reviews that you can always come back to when deciding what to watch, listen or read next!

PLUS... be sure to send us your reviews so we can upload them to our social media platforms!

Make sure you take time to reflect on and record the skills you've used and learnt in today's activity!