Interview With Nik Perring

3rd March — Interview

Watch Max interview Nik Perring, an author, editor & teacher, in our mid-week interview for Discover! Creative Careers Week.

Nik Perring

Author, Editor and Teacher

Nik Perring joins us as our midweek guest for Creative Careers Week to talk about his career as a highly acclaimed author, editor, and teacher.

Since beginning his career Nik has always been keen to share his love of writing and creativity with as many people as possible. As well as writing a popular short story collection called 'Not So Perfect' he has worked extensively around the UK helping teach thousands of individuals how to write.

Nik is enthusiastic about all the different types of creative careers and is excited to share his own personal take on how he became his own independent boss despite while still being constantly surrounded by amazing people, whether they are involved the arts and culture industry or want to learn more about it.

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